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Coulee Health is Growing

Another amazing soul joins the Coulee Health team!


Shannon practiced within our office on a couple of occasions and after our personal experience in a session with Shannon as well as the overwhelming positive feedback from her other clients, we are thrilled to have her hold space within our practice. Read on to learn more about Shannon Amberg and her Reiki practice.


About Shannon

Shannon Amberg is a certified Reiki practitioner in the Holy Fire Usui Tibetan tradition. Her background and education are in the environmental field and, though not specific to holistic medicine, her doctoral education focused on how people interact with and experience the natural environment. Since obtaining her Ph.D. in 2008, Shannon has been drawn to teaching and studying how a deep connection to nature can rejuvenate and help heal emotional, physical, and mental challenges. Studying energy healing was a natural next step in her progression to understanding the energetic connections between people and nature, and how nature can help heal. Shannon created Metamorphosis, LLC as a way of offering healing and relaxation to people who want it. While Shannon uses the traditional hand positions during Reiki sessions, her specific style is highly intuitive, meaning she is also strongly guided by intuition and sensitive awareness to the parts of the body that are in most need of focused healing and support at the time.


Shannon will be accepting clients for Reiki sessions at Coulee Health on Saturdays starting July 8th, 2017. Appointments can be scheduled between 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM. Email: or call (208) 596-5601 to schedule.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that is used to promote relaxation, stress reduction, and balance in the human body. Rooted in Japanese origin, the word Reiki translates as “Universal Life Energy.” Reiki works with the subtle vibrational field (life energy) believed to surround and flow through all living things. It is believed that a person’s “ki” or life energy should be strong and free flowing; when it is, a person’s body, mind, and emotions are in a positive state of health. When the “ki” energy becomes weak or blocked, it can lead to symptoms of physical or emotional imbalance. A Reiki practitioner has been attuned and sensitive to the subtleties of this energy field and identifying where a client may need assistance with supporting energy flow.

Reiki is a great tool for easing tension, reducing stress, and facilitating relaxation in the body. While Reiki is not a cure for a disease or illness, many people use Reiki to help bring the body to a state of relaxation where healing can be maximized on several levels, including on the physical, mental, and emotional. As a result, Reiki is a great tool to use as a complement to traditional medicine and is practiced in many hospitals and medical care settings as an integrative therapy to support wellness and healing goals.

What is a session like?

A Reiki session is typically 60 minutes long during which the practitioner uses various hand positions and light touch to facilitate the flow of energy through and around the body. Clients can discuss wellness goals and particular problems or issues they are experiencing. Sessions are conducted with clients resting comfortably (face up and fully clothed) on a massage table.


What will it feel like?

Most clients feel a sense of relaxation, calmness, lightness, and peace in the physical body and the mind. Reiki is so relaxing that sometimes clients may fall asleep during the session. Don’t worry though, clients still receive all of the benefits of the session, sleeping or awake. At the practitioner’s hand placements, you may feel a very slight tingling, heat, or pulsing sensations. A client may also feel nothing at all but a sense of relaxation. The sensations or lack of are not an indication of the Reiki and how well it’s “working”, they are just how your particular body senses energy. It is different for all clients but deep relaxation is almost always felt.


How often do you get Reiki?

See for yourself how Reiki makes you feel after your first session! Many people, after trying one session, go on to have more sessions to progressively work on their current wellness goals. How often a client returns is totally up to them and how they are feeling physically and emotionally. You can’t overdo it with Reiki, as it is wholly beneficial and works with your body’s energy. In fact, your own energetic body is in control of how much Reiki it wants and needs during the session and utilizes it accordingly. A client’s body knows intuitively how much is needed to support it.

Welcome Shannon!


BirthFIT Postpartum Series

BF facebook ad


We discovered a need in the birthing world.  If you’re not hemorrhaging or overtly depressed at your 6 week postpartum appointment, you’re usually sent on your way with a green light to return to activity.  But many women are finding it hard to figure out how to return to (or start) working out.  BirthFIT has taken this as an opportunity to help offer women guidance on working out postpartum.

Whether you worked out through your pregnancy, worked out before your pregnancy, or are completely new to working out, the BirthFIT Postpartum Series can help you navigate movements and fitness in your postpartum body.  It doesn’t matter if this was your first or eighteenth birth – BirthFIT can help you improve your movements and your body.

The BirthFIT Postpartum Series is ideal for mothers interested in any or all of the following:

-beginning/returning to functional movements
-healing physically, mentally, and emotionally after giving birth
-connecting with other moms who have recently given birth
-getting back to working out comfortably and empowered

This is a four week class that will meet twice per week for an hour per class.  We’ll work on functional movements – mostly bodyweight, but also weighted; share birth stories/journeys; heal visible and invisible scars from birth; and return to working out feeling stronger and empowered.  The courses are geared towards women who are 2 weeks-6 months postpartum, but is appropriate for any mother who is looking to improve herself and her health through movement and community.

Dates: Monday/Thursday, 10/5-10/29

Time: 5:30-6:30 pm

Cost: $149

Contact me to reserve your spot:


Chocococo Smoothie

Chocococo Smoothie
1 frozen banana
2 c coconut milk
2 tbsp almond butter or peanut butter
1/2 tsp vanilla
2 tsp unsweetened coco powder
1-2 tbsp honey (optional)
1 tbsp coconut oil (optional)
1 c ice
top with toasted coconut (optional)
Blend! Serves two 🙂

Treating UWL Athletes

The University of Wisconsin – La Crosse is a great school with consistently successful athletics programs. The Athletic Training program is highly competitive and is one of the best in the country. Coulee Health is proud to be a part of the UWL team, as Dr. Kyle has been working with the Athletic Training Department on a weekly basis to help keep the athletes performing at their optimum potential. This partnership has been extremely beneficial for the athletes. They receive exceptional care from the Athletic Training staff and Dr. Kyle is able to provide his insight and expertise from a chiropractic and rehabilitative perspective. Together, they are able to provide a functional treatment model that minimizes symptoms and optimizes performance for members of the football, track and field, volleyball, baseball, gymnastics, swimming, diving, wrestling, and soccer teams, among others. From soft-tissue treatments such as Graston and ART, joint mobilizations and functional chiropractic care, treatment based on DNS principles, and corrective exercise recommendations, Dr. Kyle provides a comprehensive array of treatment tools that maximize results. What does that mean to you? Whether you are a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, or a novice whose athletic events solely consist of getting through the daily grind, you can be assured that you will receive the same top-level of care right here at our office. It’s game time!


Pregnancy is not a “Condition”

Pregnancy is not a “Condition”

Even if you aren’t pregnant, you have probably been exposed to pregnancy being treated as a “condition.” If you are pregnant, you excitedly choose the best time to tell everyone your special news and BAM!, just like that you are placed in a bubble. Don’t get me wrong, you need to do what is best for you and baby, but what does that really mean?


There has been a lot of talk in the news lately in regard to pregnancy and exercise. You have probably seen pictures of Alysia Montaño, 5 Time USATF Champion, competing in the 800m race while 8 months pregnant. She is inspirational and a symbol of the strength that women can gain and maintain during pregnancy.

Remaining active during pregnancy is important for you and your baby. It helps increase blood flow and therefore oxygen to your placenta, which coincidentally feeds your child!

What is most important is to listen to your body. Some days you are going to feel amazing and have an energy you didn’t know existed, and other days you may feel too tired to do much more than what is absolutely necessary. So listen. Listen to what your body is telling you because you know your body best. Birth is the ultimate event at the end of your nine month training period. You deserve to feel your best throughout and have the birth you desire!

Erica Boland, DC


What a Doula Does

Do you know what a doula does? Dr. Erica has already started booking her 2015 doula patients and has a few openings this fall/winter! She would love to help you with your pregnancy and birth experience!
Please call the office @ 608-498-4669 with any questions you may have or to set up a meeting to talk with her and learn exactly what a doula does!

What a Doula Does


Green Machine Smoothie

It is the perfect time of year to create new recipes with everything fresh from your garden! Over the next several months we will be posting different and new recipes we try, straight from the garden.

This morning we enjoyed our version of  the “Green Machine Smoothie!” See the recipe below:

Green Machine. Boland



10-12 leaves Swiss Chard

4 large leaves Kale

1/2 Avocado

3/4 c. Coconut milk

3/4 c. Applesauce

Cinnamon to taste

Vanilla to taste

Ingredients are listed with largest quantity first and approximate measurements. Mix to your desired taste/consistency and enjoy!!!


1st Anniversary



One year ago today we opened Coulee Health! Thank you to all of our patients, family, friends and community members for your love and support during our first year in business!


Coulee Health at Festival Foods Grandad Half Marathon


halfmarathon.kyle-bolandWe are excited to announce we will be providing soft tissue treatments for participants of the Festival Foods Grandad Half Marathon post-race. We will be giving away ONE FREE ENTRY to either the Half Marathon, Half Marathon Relay, 5k run/walk, or Bike Tour. Like our page, Coulee Health, on Facebook and Like and Share our status about the event to be entered! Visit for more information on the events!

Whether this be your first or 100th event it is a great way to get motivated and reach your goals.  We would be more than happy to help you with training advice and any questions you may have along the way!

Drawing will take place February 25th

We hope to see you there!


What is Proper Form?

By Erica Boland, DC


erica-bolandTime and time again you hear people telling you to “use good form” or “keep your core tight.” What does that even mean? Have you even been shown what good form is? When is it necessary to use good form? Would you be surprised to hear that you can witness good form by simply watching the movements of a toddler?

We often think of ourselves as far removed from the time in our lives when we were toddling around in diapers. On some levels this is certainly (and thankfully) true. However, as far as form is concerned, it should actually be quite similar.

We are born, hardly able to move, with our arms, fists, and legs preferably tucked close to our bodies. Amazingly, pending there are no complications, we go through a series of developmental changes all while using proper form.  We support ourselves on our back with our feet up, support ourselves on our bellies and bring our head up, roll over, sit upright, crawl, and walk, even breathe correctly.  These movements are all a physiological process, not something we are taught to do.

Now, our bodies are extremely smart and even if we are using improper patterns or “poor form” we are most likely going to find a way to carry out the task at hand.  The same goes for babies.  We have all heard how much this little one “just loves to stand up” or “just loves to be walked around.” If a child is helped into a posture he or she cannot achieve by itself, the child is using some sort of compensatory movement.  This means the proper muscles may not be firing and poor, instead of proper form is being trained. The same scenario is seen on adults at the gym.  We all want visible changes and we want them fast.

Let’s be honest, we are an instant gratification society and this is often where proper form gets thrown out the window.  You push yourself to the max to get those last couple of reps in and often do not even pay attention to the quality of the movement.  In an opposite scenario, you don’t give the extra effort to bend at the knees and hips to pick something up off the floor and create a vulnerable state in your low back by stooping over. Either way your body suffers.

While we cannot delve into the proper form of each and every movement, we can cover a few basics.  Honestly, observe a toddler.


  • Squat low to pick something up bending at the hips and knees without bend in the spine and move to the object instead of reaching or stooping.


  • When using upper body strength keep your shoulders dropped down and back and not shrugged towards your ears.


  • Proper form when sitting up straight does not mean sticking your chest out. Act as if there is a string from your head to the ceiling and someone is gently pulling to upright your spine.


  • In regards to proper form for your core, it has long been disproven that sucking your belly to your spine is beneficial. In fact, it actually increases the load on your low back. Instead breath outward as if you were expanding your favorite sweat pants 360 degrees to create stability in your core.


As for when it is necessary to use proper form? Always.

As chiropractors, most of the cases we see are in some way related to lack of proper form.  This can have a large impact on your daily life and while it may take time to make these changes, if you are persistent proper form will become habit instead of work.

Dr. Erica and her husband Kyle are owners of, and chiropractors at Coulee Health in West Salem, WI.  In her free time she enjoys exercising and spending time outdoors with her husband and their three energetic boys.