Make Yourself Some Kombucha!



 Live Scoby (can order online but finding a friend to share is much better)

1 C. Starter Kombucha (bottle of plain kombucha from supermarket)

1 gallon glass jar

Cheese-cloth or thin towel to cover

Rubber band to put around cloth

Organic black tea

Organic or natural cane sugar

1 gallon distilled water



Wash glass jar with white vinegar

Pour in plain kombucha

Rinse hands with white vinegar and handle Scoby gently into jar

Cover with cloth and place rubber band around

Set aside in dark, cool location while preparing tea


Boil 1 gallon of distilled water

Once boiling add 8 bags of Organic tea

Stir in 1 cup of sugar

Let cool to room temperature (too warm and it will kill scoby)

Pour into gallon jar

Recover and place in dark, cool location

May want to mark date brewed


Ferment for 7 days

Funnel  to glass pint mason jars

Cover with lid

Refrigerate until ready to drink



After funneling into glass mason jars add several small pieces of fruit/spice of choice

Cover with lid and place back in dark, cool location

Let sit for 3 more days

Be sure to refrigerate to cool before opening to avoid rupture of glass due to carbonation



*We have found 4-5 chunks of pineapple in 2nd ferment to be our favorite.  Other suggested fruits: papaya pulp, guava pulp, mango, apple, raspberry, prunes, chia seeds. Give it a try!

*First ferment can last up to a month but 7-14 days is best

*Scoby will regenerate on it’s own in which case you can split and share with a friend or start another batch

*After 1st ferment, may choose to have continuous Kombucha to just ladle out on counter

*Whenever touching scoby use vinegar to rinse hands. Make sure ladle and funnel are clean also

*Mini scoby may form in second ferment. This is normal and actually ok to consume!

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