Supplements in our Cupboard

The supplement industry can be difficult to navigate, and as your providers we continuously research what is best in both product and company.

It would be great if we could provide you with a cookie cutter “take this, heal that” list, but that just isn’t reality. We do however want to share with you the supplements in our cupboards at home.

Beef Organ Complex: This is our multivitamin. Organ meats are the most nutrient dense foods and rather than eating them daily, we take this supplement. 

Fermented Cod Liver Oil: Omegas and bonus, you get high levels of vitamins A here too!

Vitamin D: Hi, we live in Wisconsin where our full skin sees the sun one month per year. Vitamin D is important for so many bodily processes.

Biospora: Probiotic. Currently in the maintenance phase so this is our go to. For gut healing plans we have specific probiotic strains that may be more intensive but for now, Biospora is working for us.

Bee Propolis: Immune boost. This has helped prevent and also recover throughout the sickness that has been going around. 

Elderberry Syrup: Immune boost. The Elderberry Syrup we use at home and carry at Coulee Health is made locally by Paige Griswold, so we love the bonus of supporting a local mom/business woman.

Magnesium Glycinate: Most humans are deficient in magnesium, and magnesium glycinate is the best absorbed form.

Collagen: We do this daily in our coffee and it is a great creamer. Collagen is key for joint and tissue health and we both notice a difference if we don’t use it.  

We carry all of these at Coulee Health. You may notice the brands we carry change or expand from time to time and that simply means we found something of better quality.

If you’d like more science behind the supplements in our cupboard, no worries, we can get you that too! But plain and simple, this is what we regularly recommend. 

Dr. Erica



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