Dr. Erica’s Journal Entry

On 9/9/2020 I lost a dear friend, Elise. Elise would frequently share journal entries and messages that came through her to help her work through life’s unknowns and navigate her cancer diagnosis. These are now some of my most treasured messages from her and while sitting in meditation this past weekend, I was called to share an excerpt from my own journal and a bit of my process.

I love writing. It helps me process yet over the past few months I have gotten away from sitting in silence, listening to my inner compass, and have stepped away from writing.

After a meeting with my coach, Shelli Lawrence, I [re]choose to make it a priority each morning. For me this means waking up 20 minutes earlier, leaving my phone out of my meditation/writing space, and if the boys are awake, telling them I am not available for 20 minutes (it’s Laken, he’s almost always awake). 

Before I write I get really still, focus on deep full core breaths, and listen for what messages I am meant to receive. I firmly believe that when we are still and open what is meant for us will come through us. 

This journal entry, though short and sweet, is vulnerable for me to share with you because it is the beginning of my return to my inner compass in a time of both grief and joy.


I heal with no expectations. The work uncovers what is shadowed by “should.” Healing uncovers. This life is a journey of leveling up, bringing myself closer to source. 

My path is paved on purpose. 

Peace is aspirational until I align my actions with my values. 

Distraction has a purpose. I am not distracted. I am, with a choice of distraction. As I discover my choice of distraction over my values, healing begins.

Growth has a certain responsibility. As I discover how I am living out of alignment, I will appreciate that growth. 

I then list three items of gratitude, my top three priorities, and how I desire to show up for the day.

This entry is short for me and frustration arose as I felt a block and a loss of flow in my writing. I read it over to myself and see the broken, disconnected messages. I love them though. They are exactly what they need to be, maybe for that moment and maybe for later. 

I encourage you to start. Whether it is writing on paper or typing a “brain dump” into your computer, connecting with yourself on a regular basis is an excellent start to choosing peace, aligning with your values, and unloading a bit of the “weight of the world” from your shoulders.

Erica Boland, DC

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