Hi there!

Did you know that Coulee Health has an online education platform?

Our library of offerings is growing and we are so excited to share a variety of new courses (with more to come), and we’d love for you to check out some of our other courses on moveMentors!

We launched an all-new offering for our moveMentors courses – bundles! You can read more about them below, and as a Coulee Health community member, we want you to have easy access to these offerings!

Please use the code “BUNDLEUP” to get 20% off any individual course(s) of your choosing at, or simply select a bundle below to purchase and automatically get the savings!

More about the bundles:
We carefully curate and select courses that we think complement each other to give you the best support and information.

The Perinatal Year includes our Foundations of Strength course by Dr. Ellyn Halley, Childbirth Education by Dr. Erica Boland, and Postpartum Rehab by Dr. Lindsay Mumma.

Our First Year of Movement bundle includes the Pediatrics course by Dr. Boland and the Caregivers course by Coach Jenna Somich and Dr. Mumma.

Our Land & Sea bundle includes Foundations of Strength by Dr. Halley and the Swim course by Dr. Mumma.

We’re so grateful for your support and hopeful that you’ll love our courses as much as we do!

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