Dr. Erica’s Functional Health Journey

I got to the point that I was going to bed before my kids. It was more than feeling tired, I felt pure exhaustion. I had been there before and I knew that it was a sign my hormones were at optimal or even basic function. The anticipation and fear of “how bad” it would get took even more energy that I didn’t have to spare. I was anxious about feeling more anxious, I wasn’t sleeping well, and the days before my cycle I felt like a raging bitch. When I was a teen and into my 20s I used to think that women who complained about PMS were using it as an excuse to complain, it was never an issue for me. Yikes. I will mention I was put on birth control when I was 13 years old so that likely had something to do with masking symptoms. Guess what doesn’t go away just because the symptoms are covered, hormonal disruption. Sickness. 

I had already worked with a Functional Medicine provider previously and after very little direction and no care plan, I stopped services feeling more defeated than supported and with no change in symptoms. 

So, I asked my husband to help. 

Yes, it’s Erica here. 

I could give an anonymous testimony and try to hide a “bias” but that doesn’t feel authentic and let me tell you where my bias is. I am his worst patient. I hold him to a higher standard than anyone else. When he gives me information I pick it apart. I ask all the questions. I sneak and look at my lab results and try to figure it out on my own before listening and then I have a list of questions and things I think he “should” cover in my follow-up appointment. Throughout care, I have caught myself asking or thinking if this is what he would tell a “real” patient. And, I have a lot of needs in order to not doctor myself. I want a plan and to know how long the first and subsequent phases of the plan will likely last. I want to know what to expect and when I should see changes. I want to know what the benefits and risks of this care plan are and what happens if there is no change. What if I don’t get better and after all that pressure you still have to live with me? 

He walked me through my lab results and explained in detail what the most likely cause of my symptoms are and what the first action step is to get me feeling better and what steps we would take from there. He listened to me cry, answered question after question, he was honest if he didn’t have an answer and accountable to follow-up when he found. And, he was patient with me every single time I interrupted him. 


Over the past 6 months I have had an increase in energy, improved sleep, decreased swelling in my lower legs and stomach bloating, AND I can tolerate being around humans in the days before my cycle. He helped me understand what is normal and what isn’t and that a change in mood before my cycle isn’t bad but ways to navigate the change in mood that doesn’t create more stress. 

I will say, hearing that I need to decrease stress from my own husband was H.A.R.D. but he provided tools. Attainable, actionable steps. As his patient he both held me accountable and gave me grace.


I am so thankful I accepted his help and you know what, as his wife I am so damn proud of him because I see the passion and care he provides in a start to finish Functional Medicine experience and I have the benefit of seeing how much time and energy he pours into his Functional Medicine patients.


So I write this testimonial not because I am his biggest fan but because I know that if he can pass all of my standards he will exceed yours and you deserve to feel good. You deserve to be heard. You deserve a provider that will let you question and help you understand. You deserve results.


Erica Boland DC, SM

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