Hormonal Imbalance

Changes in mood are expected in everyday life, but extreme and uncontrollable mood swings can be a sign of a hormonal imbalance. Other signs can include irregular periods, low libido, and a history of miscarriages. One of these symptoms alone can be challenging enough, but combined they can become overwhelming in an already emotional season of life. Having a supportive partner, family or team in your corner can be very helpful, but ultimately doesn’t change your symptoms. You know something is off, but you can’t put your finger on exactly what that is and you certainly haven’t figured out what you can do to turn things back around.

Dietary modifications, exercise and other lifestyle changes can help, but if there are underlying hormonal imbalances, things won’t completely resolve until you address them. Functional testing allows us to objectively assess not only hormone levels, but other markers of health that help paint a clearer picture of how these hormones are interacting with one another and their metabolic processes. This allows us to have a more complete understanding of how your body is functioning and then to be very targeted with our treatment approaches. This is always important when taking a functional approach to your health, but when it comes to hormones it is even more true due to the relationships and interactions that they have with one another. Affecting one is going to have a ripple effect on others.

The beautiful part of this approach is that not only are you seeing improvements in your most pressing symptoms, but your body is functioning more optimally as a whole. This often leads to a different kind of side effect than most people are used to seeing: positive ones. When you address your body’s underlying imbalances, you often see improvements in other systems and areas that you didn’t even think to mention. Hello, improved sleep, increased energy, robust libido, mental clarity, regular cycles, improved moods… you can feel HOPE again!

Dr. Kyle Boland

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