In the Trenches

Check out Dr. Erica Boland on The Gestalt Education Show! 

Click here to listen to the podcast.

“Dr. Erica Boland is a passion-driven woman and very much a movement and pelvic floor enthusiast. As a chiropractor, Erica thrives on connecting with women and children to help them move better and feel better on this journey. Much of her practice is focused on healing the core and pelvic floor in the prenatal and postpartum periods. Outside of her role as a chiropractor, she is a mother of four, Full Spectrum Doula, and student midwife. She teaches other professionals across the globe how to set a higher standard of care for the parenthood transition and it is her mission to educate and empower women and lead the transformation of current postpartum protocols. She and Kyle spend much of their free time with their four beautiful boys. We dive into all things pelvic floor and post-partum rehab as well as the incredible MoveMentors Perinatal Manual Therapy course through Gestalt Education. Enjoy!”

-Gestalt Education 

To purchase the Movementors Perinatal Manuel Therapy Course, click here.

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