Update from the Coulee Health Team

“We have so much to be thankful for. Our boys have continued to stay healthy and active with school and sports. Terryn is now 14, Canon 11, Laken 9, and Maclin 5. They definitely all have their own personalities and interests on top of the similarities they share. Erica already has a year of midwifery school under her belt and is loving her internship experience with two clinical days per week, on top of attending births, on top of still seeing patients for chiropractic care and teaching professional courses here and there. She loves being able to unwind by spending time with and training her horse (and donkey). When not helping the wheels of the business turn or seeing patients for chiropractic care and functional medicine, Kyle has enjoyed being in the woods hunting or hiking, and also working on some household projects. Our family was able to get up north for a memorable camping trip this past summer in the boundary waters. The boys still love to remind Dad about watching him take a bath after tipping his canoe :)” – Kyle Boland DC and Erica Boland DC, SM

“Dr. Ellyn and her partner Jack are looking forward to some travel in 2022! They will be going to Philadelphia and Denver in the spring. Ellyn is also hoping to make it to Tennessee in May for both the birth of her niece and a continuing education seminar.” – Ellyn Halley DC, Birth Doula

“We were blessed with our fourth baby this year and we cannot wait to see what 2022 holds for our family. Wishing you all the happiest new year with much love from Cody, Kiele, Millie, Callaway, and Obsidian.” – Kiele Deleeuw, Birth Doula

“Haylee just finished the first semester of her Master of Social Work program at Winona State University. In addition, she has recently got married to her husband, Ulises. Wishing everyone a happy new year from the Cadena’s.” – Haylee Cadena, Front Desk

“We are looking forward to the new year and welcoming a baby boy in April! Health and happiness are our top priorities. I look forward to meeting new clients and sharing my passion for proper postpartum care in our area!” – Natalie Connell, Postpartum Doula

“Our life lately has been filled with lots of togetherness, adventures outside, and cooking  up tasty meals. Meghan is grateful to spend her days with three very curious and active little boys, and Nick accepted a project management position at Solvay in Winona that he really enjoys. We have learned a lot over the last year, and are looking forward to a new chapter in 2022!” – Meghan Tomlinson, Birth Doula

“2022 is bringing many big changes for our family. We’re super excited to grow in all areas of our life, but mostly looking forward to a new year at Coulee Health!” – Savanna Bakkum, Front Desk

“A wise mentor once told me to always be on an adventure or to be planning one. I try to live this advice each year in different ways.  Our family was grateful to embark on some unique travel experiences this year and I enjoyed becoming part of the Coulee Health team!” – Brooke Lueck, Health & Wellness Coach

“This past year has been a time of moving forward. Tracey and I moved to Bangor this past June. We are blessed to be surrounded by family and friends. Wishing you health, happiness and many blessings in the New Year.” – Julie McPhee, Front Desk

“The Breier family really enjoys spending quality time together. Ice skating on Lake Neshonoc, playing basketball (just shooting around), and fishing are a few of their favorite family activities. They are really looking forward to exploring Yellowstone National Park in 2022! Cheers to the new year and all that is good!” – Megan Breier LMT, PTA

2021 became a year of improving on self-care — both physically and mentally — and learning new things. Kaitlin received her certification in prenatal massage therapy. Also, Kaitlin and her partner spent the majority of their warm months working on their golf game and camping with friends.” – Kaitlin Gelbmann LMT, CPMT

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