Being Present

Being present sounds a lot easier than it looks; however, being present with your body, mind, and spirit takes practice. This practice is very important for everyone, but especially for providers in the helping profession. We are exposed to many stories of our patients. Either positive or negative, these stories leave an imprint on us. If we do not have a plan to distinguish our work from our personal lives, then we will continue to blur the lines of when we are “on duty” and “off duty”. It is very easy to overlook our own care when caring for others, so take a moment to listen to your body.

What makes us feel grounded? Or in other words, what daily habits, activities, etc. do you do to be honest with yourself. Do you hike? Watch stand-up comedy? Build in social time with your friends each week? Look into the mirror and recite daily affirmations? Find something outside of your work day that helps YOU feel grounded. As we get older, we sometimes lose the power of imagination due to the realities of life, so practice exploring your curiosities and dreams. Yes, this may provide a sense of accountability, but it is necessary for us to help ourselves before we can help others. 

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