Why should you sign up for a 1:1 session with Dr. Halley?

1:1 sessions are 45 minute movement focused appointments that take place in Coulee Health fitness space. These sessions are ideal for you if you’ve been struggling with injury, chronic pain, or simply need help finding a good movement routine (especially in pregnancy or postpartum). You and Dr. Halley work together during 1:1 sessions to help you find exercises and stretches that work for you. The sessions are entirely based around you and your goals. You will leave your 1:1 session with movements and basic guidelines that will help you make progress towards those goals. We want these sessions to help take you from where you are, to where you want to be. The movements that we go over are based off of you and your goals, not just a painful body part. These appointments meet you where you are at, no need to feel like you need to have a level of fitness first.

Examples of people who would benefit from a 1:1 session:

Jeff, 58 – history of chronic pain and arthritis. He wants to return to walking but does not like other forms of exercise. He has concerns that his pain is going to end his career early. 

Melissa, 33 – mother of 2, struggling to balance her career, motherhood, and her love of trail running. She has been dealing with Achilles pain for years and now has developed hip pain in postpartum as well. 

Brett, 20 – college student who is a competitive powerlifter but is afraid to lift because of a lower back injury that happened during high school football that flared up again recently. He is feeling frustrated by the basic banded/bodyweight exercises that have been given to him in the past.

With the purchase of a package of three 1:1 sessions, Dr. Halley will create a 4-6 week program for you based around your goals with lifestyle guidelines as well. 

Do you have questions? Email Dr. Halley directly at ellyn@couleehealth.com

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