Chiropractic’s Role in your Health Care

When I graduated chiropractic school my plan was to care for female athletes and kids with developmental needs. The techniques I would use were motion palpation and dynamic neuromuscular stabilization. That probably makes absolutely no sense to most of you nor do you even care unless you yourself are a chiropractor. Over the past 9 years, I have been humbled with our expanded practice to support so many different aspects of health in ways we never imagined as new grads and business owners.

In a functional based model, like we have developed at Coulee Health, we commit ourselves to seeing patient improvement within 6 visits or collaborate with other experts in the field when further help is needed. Starting into practice, both Dr. Kyle and I were set on breaking the stereotype of chiropractors “making you come back” forever or having you sign up for an expensive and extremely long treatment plan. That hasn’t shifted for us but what has is the reality of the changes that chiropractic treatment can make with consistency in care. The difference lies within shaking up a cookie cutter approach and holding ourselves as providers accountable to truly meeting you where you are in your health journey. Furthermore, consistency in care is unique to each individual. For some, individuals visit the chiropractor at least once a month and others we only see every so often. Factors that can affect your care consist of time, finances, and commitment to continued improvement.

I could try to talk you into how important your spine, muscle, joint, and general soft tissue health is, but if you’re being honest with yourself, you probably FEEL that. Whether you have a desk job or construction worker, the repetition and postural demands eventually catch up to us. Because we are such nerds about the way the body works as a whole, each visit at Coulee Health will include an adjustment and soft tissue work or rehab. You’re getting chiropractic care and physical rehab all in one visit. Most importantly, we are teaching you how not to be reliant on us to feel good. It is so rewarding to see energy return to your eyes and voice when you start to feel the difference when empowered with the right tools and figure out what works for your body and lifestyle. 

We absolutely love it, and we also love when we are able to find the right expert to help you move past your pain or challenge if we aren’t able to. And, it isn’t just for you but your family, your kiddos, too! 

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best at telling you exactly what it is that I actually do so instead I’m going to tell you some of the ways our patients have said we as chiropractors have helped them:

  • Increased sensation/decreased pain to the area of a cesarean or abdominal surgery scar
  • Relief for exhausted parents when their little one sleeps longer after a visit
  • Rehab post shoulder/hip/knee surgery and pain relief in those areas after chronic pain
  • Support post miscarriage with a space to share
  • Helping a little one discover they can in fact move their head (and entire body) both directions
  • Exercises that have decreased pain during intercourse
  • Cupping over sinuses to release tension and pain from sinus pressure
  • Finding a new sense of confidence in moving their body 
  • Increased energy (and hope) after Functional Medicine treatment
  • Less ear infections in littles
  • Understanding why certain foods are causing inflammation
  • Pubic symphysis pain relief
  • Post stroke movement support
  • Decreased incontinence and prolapse symptoms
  • Migraine relief
  • Childbirth Education
  • Improved crawling pattern in little ones
  • Decreased pain and better motion in the upper back and neck
  • Support in working through a birth story or preparing for childbirth AND postpartum
  • Decreased bed wetting
  • Tolerating movement after a low back/disc injury
  • Faster return to play post sprain/strain
  • More regular bowel movements
  • Decreased TMJ pain

So, yes we are a movement focused clinic, but first, we are a person-centered community. It’s important to us to help you find answers and provide long term relief for you and your family. While we cannot promise to fix everything, we can promise to be honest regarding what treatment we can provide and when we need to seek other experts and collaborate. 

Thank you for trusting us.

– Dr. Erica Boland, SM 

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