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Coulee Health fitness has evolved over the years. We started with women’s strength twice per week and now have grown to offer strength and conditioning classes 14 times per week! We have our own space, and a team of passionate coaches. We pride ourselves on being a different type of gym than others in the area. Our programming is progressive and trackable. We want our members to be able to see themselves getting stronger and better conditioned through recording their weights and times.

Our mission for our space is based upon creating an environment that is safe and welcoming for all people – wherever they are in their fitness journey. Our group classes are not competitive. They are perfect for people looking for a supportive environment to better themselves in, without worrying about what someone else might think. We are not concerned with the scale, or physical appearances in our space. We want to support you in making sustainable change towards your goals – whatever they might be. Group classes encourage people to show up consistently and to be supported by other members. We work to build our community in and out of the gym space. We organize group hikes, gatherings at local restaurants, and are planning to offer even more in 2023. 

The workouts are meant to get you results, but without running you into the ground. Your life is already “go, go, go”. Your workout does not need to add to your burnout. The workouts are programmed so that you can adapt them to your day to day needs, while still pushing yourself appropriately in the gym. Our coaches are here to support you in whatever modifications you might need as well. 

We are proud of the fitness space we have built. We hope to continue building our fitness community in the new year! 

Here are reviews from our members:

I’ve been coming to women’s strength for 3 years, and when I started I didn’t even know what a kettlebell or burpee was. The teachers explain things very well and will help offer alternative moves when necessary. My favorite things about it are 1) the focus is on feeling strong (nothing superficial); 2) it’s brought together a great group of women that’s fun to be around; and 3) the teachers push you to do your best in a kind way— like there’s no pressure to do something that doesn’t feel right. I never thought I’d be able to use barbells or lift what I can now. It’s a pretty cool class!

– Michelle 

Love my morning workouts with Coulee Health! The trainers are wonderful and I am (almost) excited to get out of bed at 5:22am to get to the 5:45am class!!! Such a great way to start my day!! Thank you ladies for helping me get back into a fitness routine! So happy that I joined!!!

– Jen

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