Goodbyes are Always Hard

I sat down this morning to write our monthly blog and planned to share a story about a small but mighty chiropractic patient that completely lights up the office and is absolutely crushing his therapy. I’ll share that soon, for sure, but today I need to share something else.

I need to highlight a female, absolute powerhouse, that most of you have been blessed to know and work with if you have had any interaction at all with Coulee Health, Haylee. August 31 was her last day as office manager at Coulee Health because the entire time she held the position, she was in school full time and graduated this past spring with her degree in social work. She recently accepted a position in Social Work within a school setting and we are so dang happy for her but it is a bittersweet sort of happiness. 

While if you are reading this you likely know Haylee, what you might not know is Haylee Cadena, former 😭 Coulee Health office manager now social worker, started as our boys’ nanny. 

Our youngest (now 7) was just a baby when Haylee started nannying the boys. She was 19 at the time and when she started nannying, Kyle and I were instantly impressed. Shocked may be a better term. She would take them fishing, run them to their activities, keep them accountable to their chores, call them on their attitude, start teaching them Spanish, respect them for who they are, and all with more patience and grace than I felt like I had most days. 

She was so instrumental to our crew that at one point we shifted our office hours to fit her college schedule so we could continue to have her as our nanny. 

Her support allowed our boys to thrive and us to be in our business with peace of mind being away from the boys. When we needed to fill the Office Manager position at Coulee Health and she was interested, there was no hesitation in her being the best fit. After all, we would have been the ones raving about her in a letter of recommendation and she certainly didn’t need any other list of references than the four Boland boys and her ability to corral them. 

While I’ve known who Haylee is since she was little through hockey families, over the past six years I’ve watched her flourish. She’s become a friend, a highly respected colleague, and a mentor. She’s led our team, she approaches hard conversations with grace, she meets every single person where they are, and she isn’t afraid to speak up yet listens with intent. She has stepped up to every single challenge without hesitancy or complaint, she is wise beyond her years, and her restaurant reviews are always directly on point. We’re all better for having worked with her and she will be so missed within the office. She will continue to support us through her social media creativity a few hours a week as long as it continues to be something she loves to do and has time for in her new chapter. 

I hope that the universe eventually brings her back to the team but she’s part of our team, part of our fam, and always will be. Our whole team knows that no matter what path she chooses, she’ll crush it and she’ll continue to naturally lead those around her. 

Please help us in wishing her all the best in this next chapter!

-Dr. Erica

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