Your Advocacy Is Valid

We are fortunate to have several families that come to us for chiropractic care and if you’ve been in the office you’ve likely seen us or heard us working with kids!

All three of us chiropractors help people move better based on the way that your body was naturally designed to move. Our goal is always to give you tangible tips to help yourself outside of the office and when it comes to kids, we are giving the parents the tangible tips to help them make therapy/rehab a part of what they you are already doing at home. We love this and it is what makes us love what we do. 

What’s hard is hearing the hoops and hardships parents have to jump through in order to get answers for their little ones. A recent patient of mine has become very near and dear to our entire staff. He brings joy to the office each time he walks through the door and he works so hard to increase his movement abilities.

One might say he’s one of the most dedicated patients in the office.

He’s two years old.

His mom and dad brought him to me hoping I could help with the struggles he was having with walking and also searching for answers to why this hadn’t happened yet. They knew that he should be walking with more ease by this point and were frustrated with the answers they were given such as “he’ll eventually learn”.  

Over the course of 6 weeks this little guy went from taking a very wobbly step or two to (as you read earlier) walking through the door, back to the rug, back to the treatment room, walking on a trampoline without falling, and easily covering the wood chips at the park on two feet. 

With his mom’s permission I presented his case to a group of over 100 chiropractors at a continuing education event at my alma mater last month. 

In addition to helping him and them with movement we dug into local and then national resources for other questions that the family has. Not one provider is going to have all of the answers but when we work together, we have so much potential to help!!

My point in sharing this with you is two things

1. Your advocacy is valid. You are the absolute best advocate for your child and if you know in your gut that something is not right or you aren’t getting an explanation that make sense to you, keep exploring. Find a provider that will listen and walk with you in finding the answers you are looking for.

2. Whether your kiddo is needing assistance with turning their head better to one direction or they are missing or skipping milestones, there is so much we can do together to support getting your little one back on track. 

You aren’t alone in this parenthood journey.

If you have questions about your little one you can set up a 15 minute discovery call with one of our providers and together we can determine if we can help!


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