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Dr. Erica Boland is a passion driven woman and very much a movement and pelvic floor enthusiast. As a chiropractor, Erica thrives in connecting with women and children to help them move better and feel better on this journey. Much of her practice is focused on healing the core and pelvic floor in the prenatal and postpartum period. Outside of her role as a chiropractor she is a mother of four, Full Spectrum Doula, and student midwife. She teaches other professionals across the globe how to set a higher standard of care for the parenthood transition and it is her mission to educate and empower women and lead transformation of current postpartum protocols. She and Kyle spend much of their free time with their four beautiful boys.

Kyle Boland, DC

Kyle is a chiropractor, rehabilitation specialist and co-founder of Coulee Health and Clinically Pressed. His philosophy and care is focused on respecting each individual person as a whole. This means getting to the root of what is truly causing symptoms.
He is a Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) Certified Exercise Trainer in addition to multiple other soft tissue certifications. He also studied in Prague, Czech Republic, obtaining additional hands-on training and practical application of DNS techniques and principles.

Kyle offers Functional Medicine services to patients both at Coulee Health and remotely. These services are centered on identifying and addressing the root cause of one’s disease/ailment. This process involves the construction of a personalized plan of action to help find successful and lasting outcomes.

Outside of the office, Kyle enjoys spending time with Erica attending their boys’ sporting events, hunting and outdoor physical activities.

Ellyn Halley, DC

Dr. Ellyn Halley is a chiropractor, doula, and strength coach. She is passionate about helping women with their movement goals , especially those in prenatal and postpartum transitions. As a chiropractor, she has continuing education in prenatal and postpartum fitness, nutrition, functional movement, soft tissue therapies, and DNS. She maintains certifications through SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) and FRCms (Functional Range Conditioning).

Upon recognizing the need for better prenatal and postpartum care, she pursued Full Spectrum doula training. She recognizes the vital nature of true informed consent and wishes to provide that knowledge to all women she connects with. She looks forward to empowering women through her work as a doula, and also as a chiropractor and strength coach.

You will find Dr. Halley leading our Womxn’s Strength classes, as well as instructing Foundations of Strength courses. She enjoys working with women of all ages and backgrounds through these classes.

Kaitlin Northrup LMT, CPMT

Kaitlin is a Licensed Massage Therapist (2008), Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist (2021), and also completed a DONA-approved doula training (2018). She is passionate about her job as an MT but also bringing comfort and relaxation to all birthing people, before and after baby arrives.

Additionally, she is a Registered Yoga Teacher having helped co-lead multiple teacher training programs. and holds a certification as an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor through Kerala Ayurveda Academy.

Kaitlin’s passion for anatomy and physical movement has driven her passion as a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2008 and truly sees the value in helping individuals feel comfortable yet strong in their own bodies. She enjoys incorporating the healing touch of massage therapy, promoting self-realization through the practice of yoga, and teaching the ancient self-healing concepts of Ayurveda to cultivate awareness and balance in the mind, body, and soul to not only preserve health but, additionally, to prevent future illness and injury.

In her free time, Kaitlin enjoys cooking, kayaking and camping in the summer, and going to rock concerts.

Megan Breier LMT, PTA

Megan Breier loves life and loves people. She enjoys connecting with others and helping them to feel their best. Megan has been working as a massage therapist since 2006 and as a physical therapist assistant since 2009. She has worked in a variety of healthcare settings and has many years of experience helping people of all ages and with varying pain or injury areas. Megan truly enjoys the team approach to healthcare/helping others improve their overall health and well-being. 

Megan has education, experience and training in a wide range of techniques. Craniosacral Therapy can be very effective in relieving headaches and head and neck tension. Maya Abdominal Therapy is helpful in improving digestion, decreasing menstrual cramps, and may help with infertility due to the improved circulation and decreased restriction surrounding the reproductive organs. Megan enjoys cupping technique as it has shown to be beneficial for deep release of myofascial restriction throughout the body. In conclusion, massage therapy is a very effective tool in relieving pain, improving mobility, and decreasing stress and tension to aid in helping one to feel their best. 

Outside of work Megan loves spending time with her wonderful husband, Jay, and their two beautiful children. Megan enjoys nature. She is an avid runner and outdoor enthusiast. 

Kiele DeLeeuw, Doula

Kiele is a dedicated doula and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in training. She got into this work after the birth of her third baby when she realized the need for birth and lactation support in every prenatal, birth, and postpartum scenario. The beautiful outcomes, the hard outcomes, and everything in between. As her lactation training continues, she has been focusing many of her efforts on addressing breastfeeding concerns and challenges. Empowering clients to make informed decisions is one of her main goals.

Outside of being a doula and lactation support, Kiele loves spending time outside with her husband and kids, strength training throughout the week with Dr. Erica and Dr. Ellyn, or cooking something fresh in the kitchen.

Meghan Tomlinson, Doula

Meghan Tomlinson is a birth doula and placenta encapsulation specialist who began a journey into the world of birth work in 2017, shortly after giving birth to her first son. After experiencing firsthand the power, strength, (and vulnerability!!) that comes along with pregnancy, labor and the immediate postpartum period, she fell in love with the art of birth.

Meghan has had the opportunity to learn from and connect with amazing healthcare professionals within the Coulee Region and support others during their transition to motherhood. Aside from her role within the birth world, you will find her exploring local hiking trails with her husband and three little boys, listening to live music, drinking coffee, and eating good Mexican food.

Natalie Connell, Doula

Natalie Connell became a postpartum doula after the birth of her second child in December 2019. She acknowledges that after a baby is born, the shift focuses on that new infant but caring for the person who just gave birth is equally as important. Natalie wants to support families during the transition to parenthood for the first time or when adding additional children. She loves the nature of postpartum work because no family’s needs will be the same and she works to create a care plan that is right for each scenario. The postpartum period is such a vulnerable time and Natalie is here to support, guide and care for the whole family. 

Outside of doula work, Natalie loves hiking, running, spending time with her two kids and husband, being out on the river, baking or working on a craft project.

Haylee Cadena, Front Desk

While the providers are more hands-on with our patient’s care, Haylee will be seen sitting behind the computer doing tasks big and small that help Coulee Health run a little smoother. She is also a HUB supervisor for our new Community Health Worker position here at Coulee Health.

Outside of Coulee Health, Haylee is currently pursuing a Master of Social Work. She will graduate May 2023. Also, Haylee enjoys spending time watching movies with her husband and two birds.

Savanna Bakkum, Front Desk

Savanna currently works as one of our front desk receptionists. She enjoys taking on tasks behind the scenes that help Coulee Health operate on a daily basis. Helping take care of patients in healthcare has always been one of her passions. Aside from work, she loves baking treats for the Coulee Health Team!

Savanna has been blessed to work part time and spend more time with her children. With the warmer weather on the way she hopes to plant a beautiful garden and do some landscaping at home. She is excited to spend more time with family on Lake Arbutus over the summer.

Brook Lueck, CHC

Brooke’s passion for health and movement has guided her service as a health and fitness educator for the past 15 years. Her strong desire to help others discover areas of wellness that they can connect to lead her to pursue her certification in health and lifestyle coaching. She strongly believes that education and emotion are key to behavior change and that goal setting builds strength from the inside out. It is her purpose to empower others as they align their lifestyle to one that truly allows them to thrive.

Katie Cohen, Doula

Katie is a birth doula on our wonderful team.  She previously worked as an obstetrics nurse in a rural hospital for 5 years before choosing to stay home with her 3 young children. In her RN role, she found that her true passion was being able to support laboring moms and their partners. She is passionate about all things birth and feels incredibly honored anytime she gets to be a part of one! Katie so enjoys being on the Coulee Health Doula Team and cannot wait to meet you! 

Hiking new trails, listening to audiobooks and being outside with her family are a few of her favorite things

Gretchen Sawatsky, Doula 

Gretchen is a birth and postpartum doula with nearly nine years of experience. She has worked as an obstetrics nurse and doula with hundreds of moms to bring their sweet babies into this world and help the family transition into this new chapter. Her scope of care spans from prenatal care through labor, birth, and the first several days postpartum for both mom and babe. In addition to her professional experience, she has had a variety of unique labor and delivery situations for her own five babies.

One of the benefits to having an experienced OB nurse as your doula is that Gretchen completely understands the medical side of your labor and delivery experience. She excels at interpreting what is happening, why it likely is happening, and what questions you may want to ask your provider moving forward. In an ideal situation, nurses and doulas are both advocates for you and your birth preferences!

Ever since Gretchen was a little girl, she has had a passion for birth and babies! She has seen that our bodies are incredibly designed to grow and birth babies. She knows that each pregnancy, labor, and birth can be completely different and counts it a privilege to be by your side as you bring a little one into this world. Lastly, she is passionate about educating and supporting new mamas on breastfeeding.

Outside of being a doula, Gretchen absolutely loves spending time with her 5 little ones and her husband, homeschooling her kiddos, cooking new recipes, and spending time in nature with her family!

Paige Lindquist, Fitness Coach

A certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, yoga teacher, as well as competitive powerlifter. Equipped with 3 years of personal training and group fitness experience and a passion for exercise and sports for well over 10 years. Currently, Paige is an undergrad student at UWL studying Exercise and Sports Science and Nutrition. Having served active duty Marine Corps herself, she has helped many tactical athletes achieve goals and hit fitness standards. She has had the opportunity to work with individuals of all ages and abilities but has a special place in her heart for athletes in the weight room. Paige is happy to help any individual accomplish personal goals by meeting them where they are at and teaching them the skills to improve all aspects of health and wellbeing.

Renee Jakobi, Doula

Renee is a postpartum doula on the Coulee Health team. She became a doula after life changing experiences with her own doulas during the births of her two daughters. She believes that knowledge is power and her goal as a postpartum doula is to help empower her postpartum clients to feel and know that they are capable of making the best decisions for their child(ren). Renee has learned firsthand that access to support postpartum (for the entire family) can be crucial for the well-being of a birthing person and their family. She serves both new parents and existing parents. Renee joins the team with extensive professional education in infant care and development. She is also currently in the process of receiving her lactation education certification.

Renee and her family have lived internationally in East Africa for many years, where she has found a passion for studying different cultural practices that are used across the globe during the postpartum period. Her extensive knowledge on some of the most used healing practices worldwide, from nutritional recipes and infant massage allow her to offer unique and beneficial options to her clients.

Renee knows that adjusting to life postpartum is challenging; she is here to help and encourage growth through the postpartum period.

Outside of being a doula, Renee enjoys every ounce of time that she gets to spend with her husband and two daughters. They enjoy traveling to different parks and trying different types of cultural foods. 

Kelly Reuter, Fitness Coach

I am one of the Fitness Coaches at Coulee Health, helping members reach their fitness goals. You will see me bright and early at the 5:45 a.m. Strength and Conditioning class during the week and at some of the Saturday classes!

Sharing the benefits of fitness and living a healthy lifestyle! Strength training has benefits my life tremendously, both mentally and physically, and keeps my body able to go on incredible hunting adventures with my husband. I want to help others feel empowered, increase their quality of life, and prioritize their health without only focusing on their weight.

Chris Ryan, Fitness Coach

I am a Strength & Conditioning coach here at Coulee Health. My role is to teach proper strength training techniques while motivating individuals to reach their goals.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with strength training and proper nutrition with others, to help them find their own success. 

Kristina Sage, Health Coach

My path to becoming involved in natural medicine has been a widening road. I started out as an aspiring Medical Illustrator. But then, I found my way to working in a veterinary clinic where I was encouraged to pursue Radiography through UW-Madison Hospital. That experience led to working at UW-Madison Veterinary College in their radiography and MRI department, allowing me to combine my new skills with my love for animals.

After many other job opportunities, we started our family. While experiencing the joys of parenting four kids, I also faced challenges from Lyme disease and Ehler Danlos Syndrome that
plagued me for many years, which was exhausting both in living day-to-day and finding a solution. I was drawn to natural medicine after many misdiagnoses and grew empowered to heal myself. Years later, I enrolled at the Institute for Integrated Nutrition to pursue my certification in health coaching with an emphasis on hormone health. Life for me has come full circle, fulfilling my creative mind, love for healing and drive to help others heal.

Brooke Newberry, Postpartum Doula

Brooke is a postpartum doula on our amazing team. She has been serving families in the community for over 10 years in her role as a Youth Librarian in La Crosse, and has provided postpartum care since 2021. After two births, Brooke realized the lack of support many families encounter, including her own, was a common experience and knew there was an opportunity to provide help to new caregivers in the community. She is passionate about serving families during the postpartum period and believes in providing nurturing and empathetic care during the monumental transition to caregiving for a newborn. She takes pride in helping each family navigate this unique period of time so they feel successful and competent both during her support and after. 

Outside of work, Brooke has two children of her own and loves spending time reading, drinking lots of coffee, and exploring new places with her family!

That’s not all!

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