Pelvic Health

A visit with a pelvic health physical therapy trained in internal pelvic floor work will give you information on what your pelvic floor needs to safely return to exercise postpartum. Therein lies the potential to build a stronger foundation than ever before all while decreasing risk of chronic pelvic floor dysfunction.

Supplements in our Cupboard

The supplement industry can be difficult to navigate, and as your providers we continuously research what is best in both product and company.

It would be great if we could provide you with a cookie cutter “take this, heal that” list, but that just isn’t reality. We do however want to share with you the supplements in our cupboards at home.

How to Manage Your Stress

Stress is, of course, an inevitable part of life, and it isn’t even all bad. When the total amount of stress you are experiencing at a given time exceeds your ability to cope with it, that’s when stress wreaks havoc on your health. Since you can’t avoid all stress in life, try to minimize the impact of stress by following these lifestyle tips.

Paleo for Athletes

If you are an athlete following a Paleo diet, there are several additional dietary factors that you need to keep in mind to stay healthy and perform well in your chosen sport.  Use the guidelines listed below to help you get started on an appropriate diet, and make changes as needed based on your personal health and performance needs.