Make Yourself Some Kombucha!

KOMBUCHA | NEED:  Live Scoby (can order online but finding a friend to share is much better) 1 C. Starter Kombucha (bottle of plain kombucha from supermarket) 1 gallon glass jar Cheese-cloth or thin towel to cover Rubber band to put around cloth Organic black tea Organic or natural cane sugar 1 gallon distilled waterContinue reading “Make Yourself Some Kombucha!”

8 Basic Principles of Human Motion

1. Respiratory Pattern This is something we have talked about extensively in previous blog posts and various public presentations. Basically, you need to breathe with your diaphragm. Your abdomen should expand out in a 360-degree fashion equally to all sides. You should be breathing all the way down to your pelvic floor as if youContinue reading “8 Basic Principles of Human Motion”