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Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of maintaining positive health while preventing imbalances that can lead to dis-ease. In your initial 1:1 session, it will include an assessment of your individual constitution (prakriti), an assessment of your current health condition and any possible imbalances (vikriti), and then an individualized wellness plan created by both client and counselor. Each individual is unique, so everyone will have a personalized wellness plan. Your plan is always customizable to fit your best lifestyle.

Ayurvedic science provides knowledge to unfold the reality beyond the physical body and achieve harmony of body, mind, and spirit. The World Health Organization recognizes Ayurveda as a complete health care system.

Four keys to what makes Ayurveda successful:

Natural: Ayurveda promotes sustainable changes in lifestyle, nutrition, and sleep for total mind-body wellness.

Personalized: It meets you where you are and fosters self-awareness by emphasizing that one size doesn’t fit all. Personalized solutions are provided to all three pillars and recommended therapies.

Health Prevention: Ayurveda doesn’t treat a disease; it empowers an individual. In Ayurvedic consultations, you discuss your personal health goals and family history. Your counselor utilizes a holistic management of imbalances and works to correct these as well as prevent them from future recurrence. 

Stress Targeting: Ayurveda focuses on stress reduction with yoga, meditation, palliative herbs, nutrition and lifestyle.

Ayurvedic Initial Consultation [1st appt]:  The foundation to a thorough consultation is always in gathering a complete picture of your diet and lifestyle, past and current. In your initial consultation, we will determine your unique individual constitution (prakriti), including mind and body constitution. By understanding your own unique constitution, it reveals: how you deal with stress; how you are affected by different times of day and seasons; your metabolic fire; your sleep; movement; and eating patterns as well as how you react to various foods and temperatures. After evaluating all aspects of your being, the practitioner can make clear suggestions about which Ayurvedic tools you can adopt to maintain a life of balance and optimal health. These may include daily self-care routines, ayurvedic nutrition, yoga and pranayama techniques, meditation and movement practices. 

The true aim of Ayurveda is to clear out the clutter in the mind, senses, and body to access your greatest potential for health and thriving. Consultations are approximately 90 minutes long. 

*A thorough intake form must be completed and submitted a minimum of 24 hours prior to appointment. An Initial Follow-up in 3-5 weeks is recommended, any subsequent follow-ups are optional (recommended every 6-8 weeks).

Follow-up Consultation: The first follow-up consultation is an important one as it gives new insight and a deeper understanding of the Ayurvedic healing process. Your initial follow-up will include reviewing your follow-up survey to assess your progress, discuss current goals, adjust your wellness plan and answer questions you may have regarding your wellness plan. 

*These are best scheduled 3-5 weeks following your Initial Consultation.

Subsequent follow-ups can be scheduled anytime (recommended every 6-8 weeks or at least every season). A new, brief follow-up survey will always be completed before each follow-up to assess progress and adjust the protocols given in prior sessions; As the seasons change, our lifestyle changes and we age, there are always things we can do to increase our overall health, immunity, and happiness. This is an opportunity to continue down your path of natural health and overall happiness. These sessions can be adapted depending on individual requirements to include aspects such as Yoga postures (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama), and other relevant Ayurvedic treatments. 

*Each appointment requires a completed follow-up survey submitted a minimum 24 hours prior to your appointment.

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