The Helper

In the helping profession, we feel the need to “fix things”. That’s why we went into a helping field, right? To help find solutions to our world’s problems? As humans, we have the instinct to help others, and in society, being of service to others is admired. However, there’s a huge difference between fixing andContinue reading “The Helper”

Postpartum (Part II)

Why should someone start resistance training in the early postpartum time period? Nomatter your birth story, postpartum is a time for healing and recovery. Body tissues havebeen stretched and are in the healing process for months postpartum. The good news is – resistance training supports the healing of those tissues. Resistance training canencourage those healingContinue reading “Postpartum (Part II)”

Pregnancy Part I

“Don’t lift over 15 pounds” “You can’t let your heart rate go over 140 beats per minute” “You  can’t valsalva anymore” “Gentle walks and yoga are the only exercise you can do”  These are all common statements said to women who find out they’re pregnant, share the  news with providers and friends, and ask forContinue reading “Pregnancy Part I”

Being Present

Being present sounds a lot easier than it looks; however, being present with your body, mind, and spirit takes practice. This practice is very important for everyone, but especially for providers in the helping profession. We are exposed to many stories of our patients. Either positive or negative, these stories leave an imprint on us.Continue reading “Being Present”

The Most Expensive Supplement

We’ve all been there. Maybe we’re looking for something specific like vitamin D, or maybe just a supplement in general that will make us “healthier”. Perhaps we were told that we “need” it, or we saw it on social media, or Dr. Google made the recommendation. It doesn’t matter what brought us to the supplementContinue reading “The Most Expensive Supplement”

The Importance of Routines

Having a daily routine (e.g. morning or night time) creates repetitive habits to help you accomplish a goal. However small or big that goal may seem, it takes self-control and self-discipline to achieve it. Creating a space specifically tailored to your needs and wants will help develop feelings of comfort and stability. Life seems aContinue reading “The Importance of Routines”

In the Trenches

Check out Dr. Erica Boland on The Gestalt Education Show!  Click here to listen to the podcast. “Dr. Erica Boland is a passion-driven woman and very much a movement and pelvic floor enthusiast. As a chiropractor, Erica thrives on connecting with women and children to help them move better and feel better on this journey. Much ofContinue reading “In the Trenches”

Hormonal Imbalance

Changes in mood are expected in everyday life, but extreme and uncontrollable mood swings can be a sign of a hormonal imbalance. Other signs can include irregular periods, low libido, and a history of miscarriages. One of these symptoms alone can be challenging enough, but combined they can become overwhelming in an already emotional seasonContinue reading “Hormonal Imbalance”


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