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Pregnancy and Postpartum Collaboaration

Pregnancy and Postpartum Collaboaration

Join us for a weekend of lecture and hands on learning to implement into practice immediately!

Proper recognition of pain and dysfunction during pregnancy and postpartum is key to a mother’s return to health. Dr’s will discuss what signs to look for, how to treat and when and who to refer to in all categories listed.

  • Recognition of pregnancy related mechanical dysfunction and treatment using the McKenzie Method
  • Differentiate and describes types of pain while effectively communicating importance of care continuity to patient
  • Assessment and treatment of pelvic floor and diaphragm dysfunction with special emphasis on diastasis rectus abdominis
  • Post partum nutrition during exclusively breastfed months and special cases

Located at Eupraxia Gym: Desert West OBGYN 7787 W Deer Valley Rd, Peoria, AZ
Lecture/Lab: Friday, Saturday 8-5, Sunday 8-1
Cost: TBD

CLICK HERE to download your registration form!



Dr. Jagim’s Weight Loss 101 Coming to Seneca on April 9!

We have had great feedback from the Weight Loss 101 Program offered at our office in West Salem by Dr. Jagim. However, some individuals expressed interest but couldn’t make the long drive. Well, Dr. Jagim has condensed this series from 5 one-hour weekly sessions into a one-day seminar held at Seneca High School on April 9 from 9:30-3:30. We are very lucky to have him come to Seneca for a ONE DAY event!!!

Here are the details, but you can always contact us if you still have any questions. And, of course, contact us to get signed up before it fills up!


Whats included?

  • An educational program breaking down the science behind weight loss.
  • We will focus on different aspects of weight loss including dietary strategies, exercise strategies and everyday tasks intended to help you with your weight loss goals.
  • A pre and post body composition assessment using advanced Body Comp equipment.
  • An exercise program
  • Exercise demonstrations in small groups with Dr. Jagim and Dr. Boland
  • An individualized nutrition program.


Dr. Jagim

Dr. Jagim is an exercise physiologist, certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. His research interests focus on the use of exercise and nutritional strategies to improve health, body composition and performance. He has published in several academic journals and presented at various national conferences relating to exercise science.

Dr. Jagim has taken his educational expertise and years of experience and developed an easy to understand approach to weight loss that can be instantly incorporated into your daily life.

Check out this podcast for a preview of some of the information Dr. Jagim covers in his program! Click Here

Woman weighing herself on scales in health club

What is it?

Tired of constantly struggling to lose weight or not knowing where to begin? Join us for an educational program focused on the science behind weight loss and how to use it to your advantage. This program is intended to help provide you with the tools to lose weight and keep it off.

Dr. Jagim will walk you through techniques that have been developed from the latest research to guide you through the weight loss process. Different topics relating to weight loss will be covered and we will discuss how to incorporate these strategies into your everyday lives. Topics will include exercise and nutritional strategies for weight loss, what makes losing weight so hard and how to keep weight off once you’ve lost it. This one-day event will be held from 9:30-3:30 on April 9 on the gymnasium stage at Seneca High School.


Weight loss is a complicated process and one that a lot of people struggle with throughout their lives. There is a lot of conflicting advice when it comes to nutrition, dieting and exercising for weight loss. A lot of people go about weight loss in such a way that it either doesnt work, only works for a brief period of time or maybe even makes things worse! Let us help taking the guessing game out of weight loss and provide you with the tools to finally achieve your goals using evidence based practices.

What if I dont understand physiology?

No problem! Dr. Jagim simplifies things in a way to help you understand it and incorporate it into your life style. No gimmicks, no false promises, just tried and true practices when it comes to weight loss and exercise programming. This program is one that works with your lifestyle and not against it. Learn simple approaches to eating that are appropriate for your goals and lifestyle while still allowing to eat the foods you love with the ones you love.



Weight Loss 101 Seminar Schedule

  • 9:30-10:30: Introduction and Defining Energy Balance
    • Misconceptions surrounding weight loss
    • How we lose weight
    • Energy Balance: Determining your optimal calorie intake
  • 10:30-10:45: Break / Time for Questions
  • 10:45-11:30: Nutritional strategies for weight loss
    • Determine the types & amounts of calories to consume
    • Learn about a Flexible approach to dieting and why it’s beneficial
  • 11:30-12:30 Break for Lunch
  • 12:30-1:30: Exercising for Weight Loss
    • Misguided exercise efforts. Are you doing more harm than good?
    • Efficient and effective ways to approach weight loss through exercise
  • 1:30-1:45: Break / Questions
  • 1:45-2:30: Why weight loss is so hard and maintaining it is even harder!
    • Metabolic Adaptation
    • How to maintain weight loss
    • Strategies for reducing sedentary behavior
    • Final Overview
  • 2:45-3:30: Exercise Demonstrations

The program includes two body composition assessments and personalized instruction for the exercise program with Dr. Jagim and Dr. Boland.

If you plan to sign up for the program, click on the link below to reserve your spot for a body composition analysis at UW-La Crosse. You’ll need to get this done before April 9th. You will need these body composition numbers to personalize the program during the seminar. Be sure to follow the testing instructions prior to your appointment at UW-L.

The testing will be in the Human Performance Lab in Mitchell hall room 225. You can park outside of Mitchell Hall in the 2 hr parking on either street.

Also make sure to wear spandex/compression shorts and for females a sports bra for the body composition test.

Participant Instructions

  1. No strenuous exercise is permitted 3-4hrs. prior to body composition testing.
  1. You are to fast at least 2-3 hrs. prior to your testing.

Costs and Registration

Cost of the program is $150.00 and there is a limit of 10 people so first come, first serve… Spots are filling up so be sure to register soon! You can make your $150 check payable to J2 Fitness and drop it off at Seneca Schools or Coulee Health to reserve your spot.  Or you can pay via paypal to

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