New Patient Chiropractic Appointment (Pediatrics)

This service is for those who want their children (birth-adolescence) to receive chiropractic care.

From birth through adolescence, we focus on movement milestones and make sure your child is moving to the best of their ability. Getting your child adjusted has been known to:

  • Help with nursing/latching issues

  • Improve movement delays

  • Decrease inflammation during ear infections

  • Decrease inflammation during illness

  • Etc.

During your first chiropractic pediatric visit, we will assess your child’s movement and neurological milestones appropriate to their age and adjust the spine as needed. Additionally, we will teach you (the parent or guardian) the recommended exercises and simple tools to use at home that will help your child develop proper posture and movement habits.

New patient pediatric sessions are 30 minutes long. 

We accept card payments and most major insurances. Please call your insurance company to verify your specific benefits. If you have additional questions, please call our office. Time of Service = 125.00. Insurance pricing will vary. All chiropractic clients will pay at time of appointment.