Chiropractic New Patient Appointment

This service is for those who’ve NEVER received a chiropractic session from Coulee Health before.

Your initial visit includes a comprehensive exam to evaluate how you move so we can determine any areas that could benefit from increased mobility/stability. Directly following the exam, you will receive the relevant treatment to help correct any imbalances/tension. This will include any combination of manual soft tissue treatment, adjustments, and therapeutic exercises. Lastly, we will provide you with exercises or stretches that you can do outside of the office that will help you reach your goals at a quicker pace.

New patient sessions are 45 minutes long.

We accept card payments and most major insurances. Please call your insurance company to verify your specific benefits. If you have additional questions, please call our office. Time of Service = 175.00. Insurance pricing will vary. All chiropractic clients will pay at time of appointment.

New Patient Forms