Coulee Health’s Letter of Purpose

Dear Patient:

Welcome to the Coulee Health Community. Our team is made up of many talented
individuals that work together to achieve one goal: Empowering you through a higher
standard of healthcare. Coulee Health is committed to excellent patient care and to
serving patients with complex healthcare needs who have frequently not had their
needs met by the mainstream medical model. In order to do this, we use chiropractic
care, functional medicine, massage therapy, ancestral (Paleo-type) nutrition, dietary
supplements, and lifestyle and behavior change. This commitment guides all other
operating principles, and it is the basis of who we hire, how we treat employees, and
how we interact with patients.

Furthermore, we communicate openly and honestly with each other and with our
patients. Open and honest communication fosters connection, trust, and safety. This
allows us to take care of each other. We treat fellow team members with respect,
empathy, and consideration, and encourage each other to perform at the highest level
by providing constructive feedback, moral support, or a helping hand when necessary.

Thank you for your continued trust in our care.

See you soon.
Coulee Health