Perinatal Fitness (Online Course)

This 4 week fitness program is for any womxn who:

  1. Has little to no experience with foundational strength training

  2. Has recently become pregnant or is newly postpartum

  3. Has previously built a foundation of strength but is just recently returning to lifting after taking some time off

During the course of this 4 week program you can expect to: 

  • Prioritize confidence in movement and technique

  • Learn the Coulee Health Functional Progression (a simple and effective sequence to heal and strengthen your core and pelvic floor)

  • Be introduced to a variety of kettlebell and dumbbell movements

  • Be coached through each session which will include: warm up, strength training, conditioning, and a cool down

  • Finish the program feeling prepared to involve strength training into your regular fitness regimen

This program: 

  • Consists of 8 pre-recorded, video sessions

  • Is designed for you to work through 2 sessions per week for a total of 4 weeks

  • Is self paced. You can pause the videos at any time and each session should be accomplished in 30-45 minutes

Equipment needed:

  • Preferred equipment

    • 2 light dumbbells and/or kettlebells (5-15#)

    • 1 medium/heavy dumbbell and/or kettlebell (15-30#)

    • Yoga mat

    • 12-20” box or stairs

  • Improvised equipment options

    • Detergent jug

    • Small child/baby

    • 2 equally weighted water jugs

    • Weighted medicine ball

    • Couch/Chair/Stool

This program costs 129.00 We accept card payments online. Payment is due at the time of purchase. After purchase, you will gain access to the entire 4 week program and can begin the program immediately.