Functional Health Case Review

This service is for those who have already completed their initial consultation, have performed the recommended lab work, and are ready to start their functional health treatment plan.

During your case review service, we will:

  • More accurately estimate how long your treatment program will last, what it will include, and how much it will cost

  • Provide you with the ability to ask all of your questions about your condition and what you should expect

  • Do a thorough review of your medical history (obtained both through your initial consult and case review documents) and previous, pertinent lab work

  • Review your current diet and nutritional supplements

  • Perform a detailed body systems assessment

  • Review your lab results

  • Establish a treatment plan including dietary recommendations, supplements, and lifestyle therapies

  • Provide recommendations for further testing (if necessary)

Case Review session is 90 minutes long and costs 850.00

How to book your case review: After your initial consult, the Coulee Health team will communicate how to book your case review through email and an app called Jane.

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