Functional Health Initial Consult

*IMPORTANT: You must complete your initial consultation before booking any other Functional Health services

This service is for those who are tired of guessing and are ready to test and identify the underlying patterns contributing to their disease/ailment. They are ready to find successful and lasting outcomes while simultaneously saving money in the long run.

During your initial consultation, we will gather information on all of your body systems and discuss your main symptoms and wellness goals. This consultation will also provide us the opportunity to get to know each other and determine if our clinic and service is the right fit for you.

If both parties decide to move forward, we will make specific lab test recommendations.

Lab Test Recommendations: Please keep in mind that if you decide to move forward with our services after your initial consult, your lab test costs are NOT included in the consult pricing. We strive to offer individualized care, including the recommended lab testing. We take into consideration your indications, preferences, and budget, so costs of lab tests can vary. We can work with you to find a level of testing that feels comfortable to you and we can stagger the testing over time so it works for you. This cost depends on the complexity of your condition, level of diagnostics required, and what your insurance may (or may not) cover.

Functional Health Initial Consult is 45 minutes long and costs 250.00

We accept card payments. Payment is due at time of booking.

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