Health Coaching


This service is for those who are suffering from any style of health ailment and need access to someone who can provide accountability and guidance. This service is a great pairing option for those who are utilizing our functional health services.

Whether you’re looking to reduce your stress, improve diet and exercise, manage your chronic conditions, adjust to a life altering health event, investing in a health coach may be the right choice for you.

During your sessions, we will set goals, practice strategies, and create plans to help you achieve your desired outcome. By going through a series of questions together during each session, we will assess what strategies are working well for you and pivot our strategy for whichever ones aren’t working. We will take a holistic approach to help you make the important lifestyle changes that will improve both your physical and emotional well being.


Purchase health coaching services:

Initial Health History Consultation: 0.00

Package of (6) 60 min sessions: 350.00

Package of (12) 60 min sessions: 600.00


We accept card payments. Payment is due at time of booking.

At the time of booking, you can schedule one or all of the sessions included in this package.