Custom Fit Orthotics

This service is for those who:

1. Find themselves on their feet for long periods of time, day after day

2. Can’t seem to find a pair of footwear that fits comfortably

3. Run regularly and don’t want the repetitive motion to cause small imbalances/compensations that will lead to more serious issues as the miles add up

4. Are ready for a custom fit shoe support to alleviate and decrease long term symptoms of knee, hip, and back pain


During your custom fit orthotics visit we will:

  • Discuss your current and past symptoms

  • Palpate your feet to determine areas that have too much joint motion and areas that have restricted motion

  • Take a foam mold of each foot to get the exact shape of both the right and left foot

  • Use a pedograph that shows the dynamic variations in pressure points while you are walking

  • Take static standing photos and a gait analysis video to round out the complete analysis

Depending on care and use, custom fit orthotics can last anywhere from 1 to 5 years. 

Another benefit to investing in custom fit orthotics is the ability to have them refurbished if they are starting to show some wear and tear a year or more down the road. This is more cost effective than purchasing an entirely new pair.

Once our visit is completed, Coulee Health will send your mold out to be custom made. Once your custom mold has been delivered to our office, we will call you and you can come pick them up. When you come into the office we will have you try them on to make sure they are the perfect fit. Then you will be on your way.

This appointment is 30 minutes long and costs 450.00

We accept card payments. Payment is due at time of booking.