Pregnancy/Postpartum/Pediatric Services

 LOCAL: These services are currently available for those in the greater La Crosse region of Wisconsin

Chiropractic First Postpartum Visit (For those who want to relieve joint pain after birthing baby, are committed to healing their core and pelvic floor, and want to share their birth story)

Chiropractic Pediatric New Patient (For those who want their children (infant-adolescence) to receive chiropractic care)

Doula Services (For those who want a professional to support and guide them through their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience)

Pregnancy + Postpartum Fitness Program/In Person (A 4-week fitness program for women who want to build/rebuild their foundational strength)

Prenatal Chiropractic Care (For those who want to relieve the added pressure that was put on their joints during pregnancy)

Prenatal Massage (For those who want to relax and relieve their pregnancy body aches)

Women’s Strength Class (For women who have built a fitness foundation, are moderately comfortable with strength training, and are looking to join an environment of other supportive women on a weekly basis)

In this guide, I’m going to walk you through 8 common pregnancy/postpartum challenges + guide you towards resources that will help you solve them. From one mom to another, I’ve got you. Xoxo – Dr. Erica Boland

NATIONAL: These services are currently available to anyone online

Childbirth Education Course (For those who want to educate themselves on ALL the parenting options available to them so they can make educated choices that work best for them and their family)

Core + Pelvic Floor Consult (For those experiencing core or pelvic floor dysfunction and are ready to strengthen and properly care for their core and pelvic health)

Pregnancy + Postpartum Fitness Program/Online (A 4-week fitness program for women who want to build/rebuild their foundational strength)

Functional Health Initial Consult (For those who want to prevent hormonal imbalances post pregnancy OR for those who want to fix the hormonal imbalances they’re currently experiencing postpartum)

Virtual Pediatric Consult (For those who want their child to have an assessment to make sure they’re moving through milestones to the best of their ability)