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At Coulee Health we strive to optimize your health through patient centered treatment plans. Your treatment will be centered on your goals and empower you to be active in your health care decisions.


As we go through our every day life there are certain postures and habits that become routine for us. Frequently, our joints become restricted due to those everyday stresses. Chiropractic joint manipulation- an adjustment- helps to release restricted joints of the spine and extremities. An adjustment will not only help restore motion to your joints but will also help ease your discomfort and allow the muscles around the restricted area to relax.

Functional Rehabilitation

With our self treatment exercises, patients can help themselves reach goals much faster. These exercises are often minimal intensity and will help to strengthen and stabilize parts of your body being affected by various issues. A thorough examination will help us to determine what ways you can best help yourself become better, faster.

dns-treatmentDynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

DNS is derived from a technique pioneered by Dr. Vaclav Vojta that was originally intended to treat children with cerebral palsy. Vojta’s technique has expanded since its inception in the 1960’s, and is now indicated for a variety of conditions in both the child and the adult. Prof. Pavel Kolar further evolved this technique to make it more dynamic and to yield faster results. This is known as DNS: the purpose of the technique is to promote proper activation and coordination of the neuromuscular system. This has yielded amazing success in cerebral palsy, scoliosis, and stroke cases to name a few. While DNS is routinely used in Europe, it has only recently started to gain popularity in the United States. Dr. Boland and his wife Erica are part of a small group of practitioners in the US who have extensive training and experience in DNS therapy, which is quickly gaining exposure and demand.

McKenzie Method

Robin McKenzie was a physical therapist that developed a classification system and self treatment protocols for treating disc issues. Complications with a disc can not only cause pain but also lead to loss of movement and function. The McKenzie Method gives us a better understanding of what is happening with the disc and allows us to give patients the correct self treatment protocols to restore function.


Soft Tissue Therapies

Muscles, tendons, and ligaments are often the cause of pain and discomfort and may contribute to overall dysfunction in movement if left untreated. At Coulee Health we utilize ART, Graston Technique, and PIR to provide symptomatic relief and functional recovery. With Active Release Technique (ART) the patient will be put through various ranges of motion while the practitioner contacts the muscle to release adhesions. Graston Technique is an instrument-assisted therapy that allows the practitioner to break up adhesions that have developed in surrounding tissues. Post Isometric Relaxation (PIR) utilizes different stretches to restore a functional range of motion and relieve pain and tightness in the muscle.

Nerve Mobilization

Neural adhesions may cause pain and tingling and nerve flossing uses a mobilization technique to remove those adhesions. It is a self-mobilization protocol that allows the patient to achieve full range of motion, pain free.

DOT Physicals

Dr. Kyle Boland is certified with the National Registry of Certified Medial Examiners and able to provide DOT physicals as well as DOT drug and alcohol testing.

Pregnancy and Pediatrics

As a chiropractor and birth doula, Dr. Erica specializes in pediatrics and pregnancy. Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life and proper nutrition, physical activity and functional movement patterns are essential; not only in preparing her for childbirth, but also for the health of her and her baby.

Dr. Erica is a Regional Director for BirthFit and strives to empower women during pregnancy by helping them remain active. Studies have shown women who receive chiropractic care during pregnancy experience less pain and shorter labor times. Due to many birth scenarios, chiropractic care is just as important for mom and baby after delivery. Dr. Erica can help with various musculoskeletal issues that may develop including pelvic floor instability, diastasis recti and core instability for mom and improper motor patterns or troubles latching for baby. She has experience as a doula with both hospital and home births and is happy to offer postpartum home visits both as a doula and chiropractor!

She is more than happy to answer any questions you may have and looks forward to meeting you and your little one(s)!

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