Womxn’s Strength

IMPORTANT: This class is ongoing, offered 3 days per week, in person, in West Salem, WI

 Womxn’s strength is an ongoing, weekly class designed for womxn who know the basics, are moderately comfortable with strength training, are happy to be consistently moving their bodies, and are looking to join an environment of other supportive womxn. 

 During each class, you can expect to:

  • Be guided through specific, rotating strength cycles that will build a well rounded and capable body

  • Be coached through each session which will include: warm up, strength training, conditioning, and a cool down

  • Prioritize confidence in movement and technique

  • Have access to coaches who are well versed in helping each individual modify weights and movements that match their skill level and specific needs

  • Consistently perform the Coulee Health Functional Progression (a simple and effective sequence to heal and strengthen your core and pelvic floor)

  • Perform a number of movements utilizing equipment such as: barbells, kettlebells, barbells, trap bars, sleds, slam balls, bands, etc. 

This class is offered 3 days per week. Each class is (60) minutes long, and we currently provide three payment options:

  1. Recurring monthly membership for 1 person (109.00)

  2. Recurring monthly membership for 2 people in the same household (169.00)

  3. Drop in class (25.00)

We accept card payments online.

  • Memberships: Payment is due at the time of signing up and you will automatically be put on recurring, monthly payments. We require 30 days notice for cancelation of memberships.

  • Drop in fees: If you’d like to drop in for classes, you must register and pay online through our scheduling portal PRIOR to showing up to class. We do NOT accept in person or cash payments. 

Details for our weekly Womxn’s Strength classes:

  • Class times:

    • Mon and Wed at 6:30pm

    • Sat at 8:30am

  • Location: Eupraxia West Salem (480 Commerce St, West Salem, WI 54669)

  • Please show up to class in workout clothing and athletic shoes


Not quite ready for our Womxn’s Strength class? Think you’re ready to attend our Womxn’s Strength but aren’t 100% certain? We offer a 1:1 session with one of our coaches prior to joining the regular class.