Midwifery Services

I’m really excited to officially be offering midwifery services through Coulee Health! 

Here’s what that looks like… 

For those of you interested in out of hospital birth you can officially schedule your midwifery consultation with me. This appointment is to help answer questions for both of us. It’s so important that you trust and resonate with your provider for your prenatal, birth, and postpartum experience. I encourage you to interview more than one person! In your consultation, we will discuss your health history, especially your menstrual health and any past pregnancy experience, explore desires for your pregnancy through your postpartum time, answer any questions that you have for me, and of course go over much of the very important (but sometimes boring) paperwork. 

If we are a great fit, we will then schedule your initial prenatal visit. At your initial prenatal we get even more in depth in your health history, do a thorough physical exam including drawing your initial prenatal labs, sign informed consent documents and financial agreements, discuss how you have been feeling, and again, answer any more questions that have come up! We will discuss nutrition and movement important for a healthy pregnancy and solid postpartum recovery. 

The initial prenatal visit is an hour and subsequent visits will be 45 minutes. Chiropractic care can certainly be included in your prenatal visits but does not need to be. I absolutely recommend seeing a chiropractor throughout pregnancy and if you have someone already established that you trust and are having great results with, that’s fantastic! 

Visits will be recommended monthly through the first 28-30 weeks and then every other week until 35-36 weeks and weekly after that until baby arrives. Along the way you will be educated in depth on every single option available to you. There are so many choices to be made and we will explore what the evidence shows and be sure your desires are heard.

I promise to you that I will be open and honest in any way I see a limitation for myself that may affect your care. You deserve that. 

The 36 week visit will be a visit to your home so myself and possibly the birth assist can familiarize ourselves with the area. 

Postpartum visits will happen first within your home and then in the office for the first 2-6 weeks. At this time you and your baby can also receive chiropractic care if you wish. The postpartum visits will include core and pelvic floor education in addition to physical and emotional support that is so needed in those early weeks and months. After 6 weeks postpartum we have options for you to work closely with Dr. Halley for continued strength and stability in your postpartum healing. 

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