Empowering you through a higher standard of chiropractic care, midwifery care, and fitness.

Collaborative Care

Within the Coulee Health ecosystem, we have multiple professionals (chiropractic care, prenatal chiropractic, postpartum chiropractic, pediatric chiropractic, deep tissue massage, prenatal and postpartum massage, craniosacral, home birth midwifery, doula, fitness, functional medicine, etc) working together in order to provide 15+ services. Your body is not “one size fits all.” The health and wellness care you receive shouldn’t be either.

West Salem’s Trusted Chiropractors Proudly Serving The Greater Coulee Region

Offering a Wide Range of Chiropractic Care Services, including Dry Needling and Supplement Management to Massage Therapy and Health Coaching Programs. Our Focus is Your Health and Wellness.

What our patients are saying…

Great patient experience is the heart of our business. Hear from our happy patients who kindly shared their feedback.


“I have been seeking treatment from almost everyone at Coulee Health the last few years from functional med with Dr. Kyle, chiropractic with Dr. Erica, dry needling with Dr. Ellyn, and massage therapy with Megan & Kaitlin. I have learned more about my body and achieved a healthier lifestyle than I had ever from my “normal” medical establishment. They are all so genuine and want to get to the root of the problem and are so helpful. Yesterday, specifically, I had a 90min massage with Megan and it was just what I needed to reset my body and mind as a busy mom to 5 kiddos. Go to Coulee Health! So blessed to have access to this incredible place so close to home.”

-Ash L.

“Love Coulee Health and their providers! Definitely my first choice for care during pregnancy.”

– Jenna I.

“Dr. Erica and Dr. Kyle are some of the most professional and knowledgable doctors I have had the pleasure of knowing. I trust them to care for not only myself but my family as well. ”

– Mike M.


“In so many different ways, Coulee Health guided me and provided answers that gave me a sense of direction on how to manage severe round ligament pain. Their willingness to go over and beyond and the teamwork between chiropractic care and massage therapy helped relieve so much physical pain and emotional frustration. I love the small town clinic feel and the welcoming vibe anytime you walk in the door.”

-Becca S

“Coulee Health is the place to go if you have any back or neck pain.  Dr Kyle is awesome!  He finds and fixes the area that’s causing the pain while explaining what he’s doing.  Coulee Health Has taught me ways to keep my back strong and how to relieve pain through exercises and stretching, which I now do daily. All of the people at Coulee Health are very friendly and kind.  I always have a good experience with them!”

– Becky A.


“I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me and then referring me to Brooke Lueck!  It has been an amazing ride over the last couple months and I am so grateful for Coulee Health and your entire staff. I have benefited so much from Dr. Ellyn’s adjustments, Kaitlin’s massages, Megan’s more specialized massages (abdominal & facial are amazing!), and Brooke’s coaching. I came into my first session with a terrible attitude and have now “graduated” from my first 6-session package with so much growth.  I have a lot more confidence, my gut health has been great, my clothes are fitting big for the first time in a very long time, my weight hasn’t really changed but I am down 3.3% body fat – so the scale isn’t really important to me!  All these fantastic changes after just a couple months — I can’t wait to continue on this path and continue to grow (and shrink) and enjoy a healthier, happier, freer life. Thank you is not enough. I appreciate everything you guys do (and can’t wait to use the sauna soon), I tell people all the time how great you all are! Thank you!”


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